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The “sweetheart of toy breeds”, the Mi-Ki is sweet natured, affectionate, cheerful, friendly, playful and endearing.

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Breed Standard

The new Mi-Ki Breed Standard was approved on February 18, 2017 by an overwhelming 98% majority.

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Upcoming Events

2020 American Mi-Ki Club National Mi-Ki Specialty

The board is currently making decisions as to whether we will be able to hold a 2020 Mi-Ki specialty due to concerns regarding COVID-19. Stay tuned for updates. 


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A superbly loving and versatile breed, Mi-Kis are always happiest when they are with us. Ever cherished as family members and thriving on snuggles and cuddles, Mi-Kis also excel as service and therapy dogs, enjoy performing in the show ring and have fun participating in agility events. See all things Mi-Ki in our photo galleries.