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The American Mi-Ki Club (AMC) is a National Parent Club established in 2008 to be an advocate for the Mi-Ki breed, as well as to provide education to the public.  AMC  recognizes both the long coat and the smooth coat Mi-Ki.  Most Mi-Ki Breeders involved in AMC  are enthusiastic, motivated, and always seeking new ways to improve the breed.  Sponsoring Health Clinics at  IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association) dog shows is just one of the many ways Mi-Ki Breeders have come together to promote responsible breeding and ownership.

The PURPOSE of the American Mi-Ki Club is to protect the integrity of and to promote this precious breed.

The HISTORY of the breed has been somewhat of a mystery despite the explanation of the breed developer, Maureen Westburg of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She developed this breed to be a small, non-shedding companion dog with a loving personality.  She founded the breed in the early 1980's.  Unfortunately, there were not accurate records depicting the exact history of this wonderful breed.  Historically there has been much dispute over exactly what breeds are in the parentage of the Mi-Ki breed.  Recently a DNA marker has been identified for the Mi-Ki breed.  With this advancement, it has been determined that the Mi-Ki is genetically unique enough to be considered a separate breed.  This can be confirmed by a blood DNA test.

Proudly, the Mi-Ki was first recognized as a breed in 1992 by States Kennel Club and is currently recognized by several other respected venues.  Various Mi-Ki Clubs have been formed along the way.  The goal of AMC is to gain recognition for the Mi-Ki with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and to promote the overall success and longevity of the Mi-Ki breed.

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