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Thank you for your interest in joining the American Mi-Ki Club (AMC), an alliance of Mi-Ki breeders and fanciers. The Club exists to protect, preserve and advance the Mi-Ki breed and the interests of the American Mi-Ki Club. AMC has a variety of activities dedicated to this purpose, including an informational website and blog, breed information and education, specialty shows, and more. AMC expects all members to practice responsible dog breeding, ownership, advertising, sportsmanship, and goodwill towards our breed as stated in the accompanying Code of Ethics. With these thoughts in mind, please fill out the following application.

All memberships are conditional until approved via the process set forth in the AMC Constitution.

Membership Costs:
Pet - $10
Breeder - $25
***Kennel listing is $50
***Once your breeder application is accepted, you are eligible to have a kennel listing.***

All payments may be sent via Stripe and PayPal to:

If you are under 18, your parent or guardian will need to sign on your behalf.
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New Member Sponsorship

This section is required for all new Breeder Memberships.
I hereby apply to participate in the American Mi-Ki Club. I certify by my signature below that I have read and agree to honor and uphold the Code of Ethics of the American Mi-Ki Club, that I have read and will comply with the requirements of the American Mi-Ki Club and that all the information appearing on this application is correct. I understand that the American Mi-Ki Club Constitution, Bylaws and Code of Ethics set forth the procedures that will be followed for resolving any cause of action, controversy, claim or disciplinary action and agree to abide by all resulting decisions. The American Mi-Ki Club reserves the right to reject an application or revoke participation. Misrepresentation on this application may result in the loss of privileges for the individual signer. By typing your name below, you are confirming that the information you provided in this form is accurate. You also fully understand typing your name is the equivalent of a handwritten signature.

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