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American Mi-Ki Club Rescue

The American Mi-Ki Club is a group of dedicated volunteers who devote their time and love for this sweet breed and will work to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Mi-Kis in need. We are committed in our endeavor to help them with all the resources we have available.

We have a community of volunteers who treat the dogs that are rescued with love and provide the necessary care to rehabilitate the rescued Mi-Kis, both emotionally and physically . We are always  looking for responsible volunteers to provide help, whenever needed, across the country.

Our mission is to place these dogs in safe, loving and permanent homes with approved applicants, and to provide a supportive network for our volunteers who make rescue  possible.

Please contact your breeder first, if possible, to see if there is a way to re-home the Mi-Ki in need.  Most reputable breeders would like to be contacted and informed if a problem arises regarding the need to re home your Mi-Ki for whatever the reason may be.

The Mi-Ki is an exceptional dog and is seldom placed in a rescue situation, but it can happen. We feel extremely fortunate that the majority of our sweet Mi-Kis spend their lives in one home with their loving and caring families.

We rarely get dogs in rescue at this time and usually they are not puppies. Some dogs that will arrive in a rescue situation may be younger, but they are usually middle aged or older dogs or they may have special needs. The adoption process is something that will take a considerable length of time.

****We are always in need of donations in order to care for Mi-Kis that will need medical care or any unexpected expenses incurred with a rescued Mi-Ki.

 If you have any questions, please contact our Rescue Chairs Bonnie Thomson (Western USA) at  or Linda Elliott (Eastern USA), at